Wills and Estates Lawyers Bendigo & Woodend

Everything you own when you die is what is known as your estate. Your will is a legal document that defines how your estate will be distributed. Distribution of your estate usually relates property and significant items including jewellery and vehicles. If you die without a will it is known as being intestate and as a result, your estate may not be distributed the way you would like it to be. With offices in Bendigo and Woodend and a specialist wills and estate lawyer on hand, we are here to help with all your questions regarding your estate and will.

A will must be:

  • in writing
  • signed by you on each page
  • Signing to be witnessed by two people
  • dated at the time of signing
  • Intended to be your will

You can read more legal in-depth information at the Austlii website.

Should you die without a will the courts will appoint an administrator. The administrator can then distribute your estate following the rules of intestacy. Your assets may then go your spouse/partner, parents, children or more distant relatives. If you have no known relatives your property will go to the state.

To discuss your will and estate or if you have questions regarding a will or an estate talk with one of our legal experts here in Bendigo and Woodend. As this is often a function of elder law we can also come to you within the region. Call us now