Big city firm or boutique family law solicitors? Choosing a divorce lawyer in Gisborne

Big city firm or boutique family law solicitors? Choosing a divorce lawyer in Gisborne

Choosing the appropriate legal help for your needs is one of the most critical measures you can take if you want to achieve a successful outcome for your case. In matters of significant personal importance such as family law, it is especially necessary to choose your law firm carefully, since the result of their work has the potential to affect your future significantly.

However, many people face a dilemma when looking for a family law firm or divorce lawyer in the Gisborne area: should they choose a large practice with many resources or a boutique operation whose personnel offer individualised service?

Examining the primary arguments for each option

From our current standpoint, it appears there are equally valid reasons to choose a large or small firm for your family law solicitors in Gisborne. However, it is worth examining the premise of each argument to determine whether it holds true in the majority of cases or not. For example, many people choose large firms when seeking legal help because they reason that a more prominent company will have more resources at their disposal than a smaller one.

In most cases though, the number of resources a company possesses should be less important to a prospective client than the number of resources they will be able to use in their case. Consider the following: a large firm is likely to employ more solicitors, but they are also more likely to be handling numerous clients at one time. After all, most firms become large by taking on as much business as they possibly can — which doesn’t always allow them to give significant amounts of their time to each client.

If you are looking for a family lawyer or divorce lawyer in Gisborne who can dedicate significant portions of their time and energy to your individual needs, it may be more to your advantage to see a solicitor from a boutique firm. A family lawyer in Gisborne who works for a focused practice will typically only take on clients who they can treat as priorities, which ensures a deeper level of investment in each case and may increase their chances of success.

Consider JS Law family law solicitors in Gisborne

At JS Law, we represent clients in numerous family law matters. Our team is small but dedicated, and we make sure never to overextend ourselves so that we can give every one of our clients the attention they deserve.

We provide an empathetic and highly personalised service that allows us to learn critical details about each of the cases on which we work, then use that information to pursue intelligent solutions for our clients. As such, we are highly trusted by the individuals who seek our help for matters of family law, criminal law, intervention order matters, and general legal advice.

Please contact us for more information, or to set up a consultation with one of our divorce lawyers in Gisborne.