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Expert family law services for Bendigo clients

If you need an expert in family law in Bendigo, our professional and caring team offers a comprehensive range of services to help. While JS Law sets the bar high when it comes to providing strategic advice and representation, we also understand the importance of support and compassion. We know people seeking our services can...

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Solicitors in Bendigo

Challenging a Will Bendigo

When a family member or loved one passes away in Bendigo, what they own becomes an estate that is distributed through a will. Often times, these documents can be produced unfairly and leave particular people out. As a result, many circumstances call for the will to be challenged and reviewed. This is where the experienced...

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Children and Family Law Bendigo

As a family begins, its journey of separation and or divorce, it can be a particularly stressful and challenging time for the parents, and this stress can flow on to the children. The divorce itself does not sort out property settlement or arrangements for the children. To sort out a property settlement and arrangements for...

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Family law parenting matters can be stressful and overwhelming. Parties often find themselves involved in arguments in relation to parenting arrangements and are unsure of how to move forward when they feel like they are going in circles. We often hear terms such as mediation and litigation in relation to Family Law but what do...

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Going through a separation- What is a Family Report?

Are you going through a separation or divorce and need a family report in Bendigo? What is a Family Report? Family Reports are prepared when the Court requires assistance to make a determination, due to disputes relating to the appropriate parenting arrangements for the children. The family report writer’s role is to make observations and...

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The difference between divorce lawyers and family lawyers

People often confuse divorce lawyers for family lawyers, divorce law is simply the process of obtaining a “decree nisi” – ending the formal marriage. It is not to be confused with, nor is it a division of assets and liabilities of the parties and ending their financial connection – that is a separate process known...

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Family Lawyer Gisborne

At JSLaw we understand that each clients circumstances and needs are different and you may need a lawyer for a variety of family law related matters In situations where a party cannot adequately support themselves financially following a relationship breakdown they may be entitled to spousal maintenance from their former partner or vica versa. Spousal...

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Family Violence Order Bendigo, Castlemaine, Kyneton, Gisborne and Woodend

Are you the Applicant or Respondent in a Family Violence Order matter in Bendigo, Castlemaine, Gisborne or Woodend? If so, contact us for advice as soon as possible. We represent clients in all local and metropolitan courts. It is important to understand that a breach of an Intervention Order is a criminal offence. You should...

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Family Law Parenting and Property and Divorce

Both parties in a family law parenting and property matter have an ongoing duty of disclosure. In a family law property matter or financial settlement, a request to provide your financial documents either from your solicitor for the solicitor acting for the other party is a normal process and should not cause concern. The reason...

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Domestic Violence in a relationship may sway property settlement in your favour

Based in Bendigo and Woodend from time to time we have had clients that have been subjected to family/domestic/ violence. In certain circumstances and if certain criteria are met, this may mean in the event of separation or divorce and there is a property settlement, that the person subjected to the domestic violence may be...

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