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The difference between divorce lawyers and family lawyers

People often confuse divorce lawyers for family lawyers, divorce law is simply the process of obtaining a “decree nisi” – ending the formal marriage. It is not to be confused with, nor is it a division of assets and liabilities of the parties and ending their financial connection – that is a separate process known...

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Family Law Parenting and Property and Divorce

Both parties in a family law parenting and property matter have an ongoing duty of disclosure. In a family law property matter or financial settlement, a request to provide your financial documents either from your solicitor for the solicitor acting for the other party is a normal process and should not cause concern. The reason...

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Domestic Violence in a relationship may sway property settlement in your favour

Based in Bendigo and Woodend from time to time we have had clients that have been subjected to family/domestic/ violence. In certain circumstances and if certain criteria are met, this may mean in the event of separation or divorce and there is a property settlement, that the person subjected to the domestic violence may be...

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