Need solicitors to represent you in family law court? How to find the right lawyer or law firm in Bendigo

Need solicitors to represent you in family law court? How to find the right lawyer or law firm in Bendigo

If you are facing a separation or divorce and you need to find the best family lawyer in Bendigo to advise and represent you, it’s essential to make the decision carefully.

Choose an experienced Bendigo law firm who focuses on family law

Practising family law requires compassion, insight, expertise and determination. There can be frequent changes in the regulations and legislation related to children’s issues, child support, property, cohabitation and prenuptial agreements, superannuation, third party involvement, and more. Your family law firm in Bendigo should stay on top of the latest changes and maintain a thorough knowledge of Court process as well as the best mediators, counsellors, barristers, and business valuers.

Talk to your lawyer before booking a consultation

Even a brief phone conversation can tell you a lot about whether you will feel comfortable with their personality and style. Make sure you can easily understand what they are telling you and that you don’t feel as though your lawyer is rushing you or doesn’t value you as a client. Listen to what they say and beware of language such as “winning.” There are no “winners,” so to speak, in family law – only people who achieve the best possible outcome for everyone involved, particularly children. When it comes to co-parenting, one party feeling as though they “lost” can lead to significant conflict in the relationship for years to come. This is one reason the Court does their best to create a just and equitable outcome for both parties.

Consider the cost but don’t make it the basis of your decision

It’s essential to strike the right balance when it comes to your lawyer’s charge out rates. Many people choose a lawyer based on who has the cheapest fees, and this is often a mistake. Many lawyers who charge more per hour can get more accomplished in less time than “cheaper” lawyers, meaning that choosing better quality may save you money in the long run. On the other hand, lawyers who charge exorbitant rates may not be able to take your case very far before you run out of money. A firm in the city has no more skills or expertise than a firm in regional Victoria.

JS Law: family law firm in Bendigo

If you have a situation that requires the involvement of the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court in Bendigo, Melbourne or the Macedon Ranges, JS Law can help.

Our solicitors are available in Bendigo and the surrounding areas and can appear in Court in Melbourne and Regional Victoria. We offer a refreshing change from the “big city” approach of larger firms, instead focusing on one-on-one, personalised service, which we provide with empathy, understanding, and professionalism.

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