Monthly Archive: May 2019

Parenting Courses

At JSLaw we recommend to every client they consider completing a post separation parenting course and suggest clients look up websites such as Catholic Care and Relationships Australia for suitable courses to undertake.

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Divorce Proceedings

After 12 months of separation, it is probably time to start considering applying for Divorce. Though you may be unsure of what to do. When considering Divorce, it is important to understand the grounds for Divorce is irretrievable breakdown of the relationship. This is recognized by evidence of the parties having lived separately and apart...

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The KISS Principle

Keep it simple and straightforward- The KISS Principle for co parenting:- Keep the conflict away from your children; Identify constructive ways to communicate and decision make; Separate your former adult relationship from your ongoing parenting relationship; Strive to be the best parents you can.

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