The difference between divorce lawyers and family lawyers

People often confuse divorce lawyers for family lawyers, divorce law is simply the process of obtaining a “decree nisi” – ending the formal marriage. It is not to be confused with, nor is it a division of assets and liabilities of the parties and ending their financial connection – that is a separate process known as a family law property settlement.  Nor is it to do with parenting arrangements which is family law.

Family lawyers often deal with issues pertaining to divorce but this may not be limited to areas relevant to a divorce. Other areas of family law may invovle family violence intervention orders, annulment of marriages, spousal maintenance and child support.

When you require the services of a divorce and or family lawyer it is often a very difficult time in one’s life and at JS Law we understand that this can be an incredibly emotional time for all involved.  Our caring and qualified staff can assist across all areas of divorce law and family law. Call our offices in Bendigo or Woodend to organise an initial meeting.