The importance of medical power of attorney in Bendigo

The importance of medical power of attorney in Bendigo

Medical Power of Attorney Bendigo

A medical power of attorney is a specific legal document that nominates a particular individual to oversee your medical care,  in the case that you become unable to communicate and make decisions due to illness or medical condition. For Bendigo residents, this is an immensely important thing to have, and you must ensure that it is done correctly in order to avoid future issues. Medical power of attorney is part and parcel of planning your wills and estates here in Bendigo.

The professional and experienced JS Law team can develop an enduring medical power of attorney for you, one that will determine you of the state of your future medical and emotional wellbeing. When you approach JS Law for a medical power of attorney, there are many factors for you take into consideration to establish this document, some that can be daunting to think about, which is why we closely guide you through the entire process and ensure you feel comfortable and confident with the end result.

Factors to consider when developing an enduring medical power of attorney in Bendigo include:

  • How do you select your agent?: Your agent is the person that you choose in the document to make all of your decisions for you in the case of your incapacitation. Identifying this person can be tricky. The first step is typically finding someone who is willing to do it, who is prepared to take on the responsibility of the role, and who is trustworthy, reliable, and separate from emotional feelings. Your agent doesn’t have to be a relative and can be anyone you desire, such as a trusted friend.
  • Can’t find anyone to appoint as your agent?: If you don’t have anyone to select as your agent, you can instead state your wishes in an Advance Care Directive which will assist doctors to understand your medical preferences, and make decisions based on that.
  • What if you want to change your agent?: You are able to change your agent at any time throughout your life where you are in the mental state to do so. Reasons for changing your agent may include; estrangement, separation, or death.

Having a medical power of attorney helps you avoid future conflict and ensures that you receive the medical treatment that you desire and/or refuse treatment altogether.

For more information on this service, contact us today on (03) 5444 1181 and we can arrange a sit-down session to begin developing an enduring medical power of attorney for you in Bendigo. We can answer any of your questions and look forward to hearing from you soon.