Professional and considerate Family Law services for Gisborne families.

Professional and considerate Family Law services for Gisborne families.

Family Law Gisborne

JS Law provide expert family law services to those in Gisborne, offering professional legal counsel for a wide variety of issues including separation, wills and estates, family violence, divorce, dispute resolution, family mediation, child support, division of property, parenting matters, and more for families of all shapes and sizes. Our team of sensitive and compassionate lawyers approach each circumstance with an open mind and have the experience and capability to take on any job thrown our way – both simple and complex.

When it comes down do managing the affairs of your family it is important that you put the job in the hands of an experienced professional, someone who knows their way around a courtroom and has the skills to fight for you and what you want. Your family deserves the best chance possible, and the only way to ensure that is by consulting the team at JS Law.

If you are currently experiencing a situation in which a child is involved such as divorce or a family violence matter, a professional lawyer in Gisborne can assist you to negotiate and make arrangements that meet the best interest of the child or children. This may cause the need to instate a family violence intervention order which prohibits a certain family member from coming in distance of the family, the family home and restricts them from a particular behaviour.

Whether you want to file for divorce and settle financial disputes or solve an ongoing family violence issue by taking legal action, we are the team to call. At JS Law, it is our mission to provide you with personalised legal representation and advice of a quality that is unmatched by our commercial giant competitors.

For more information on our family law services in Gisborne, or to book an appointment with one of our expert legal professionals, please contact us today on (03) 5444 1181. We have offices in both Bendigo and Woodend and service clients throughout wider central Victoria. We look forward to hearing from you soon.