The importance of family law services in Castlemaine

The importance of family law services in Castlemaine


JS Law offers highly professional and empathetic family law services to clients in Castlemaine, providing essential legal aid across a vast range of issues, both large and small. When it comes to matters of the family, issues are often rooted in emotion and in the situation of a legal settlement, it is best not to let emotion guide the decision-making process. This is where the importance of JS Law’s services becomes ever so clear. We bring not only a level of expertise to the table but ensure you receive the outcome that is in your best interest.

We are the law practice that families in Castlemaine rely on for a variety of issues including divorce, separation, parenting matters, mediation, custody rights, family dispute resolution, injunctions and restraining orders, as well as domestic violence issues, child support and spousal maintenance. Our qualified lawyers are also proficient across matters to with property and finance, which is a common issue in family law.

By seeking the services of a qualified family law solicitor, you open yourself up to a wealth of benefits that would otherwise not be available to you. You gain the expertise from someone who has been in this professional environment for decades and has the experience and valuable knowledge to assist you in achieving the best possible result that will benefit you long into the future.

Family Law services are also beneficial in the way that they save you time and money. Don’t let the service fee scare you, as family law services have been proven to save money in the long run due to speeding up the duration of the legal proceeding, and our use of expert knowledge to help you avoid litigation.

To learn more about our family law services available to all kinds of families, including LGBTQI+ families, please get in contact with our professional and trusted team of solicitors today on 03 5444 1181. We will happily answer any questions you may have and set up an appointment as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon.