Experienced divorce lawyers in Gisborne

Experienced divorce lawyers in Gisborne

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JS Law’s experienced divorce lawyers in Gisborne can help you navigate your way through the legal proceedings of separation and divorce.

The breakdown of a relationship can be incredibly difficult. It’s a time of heightened emotions, differing perspectives and potential conflict. Having a highly-qualified professional to provide you with practical legal advice and assistance can make a huge difference.

A divorce order is the official termination of a formal marriage. It is separate from property settlement, parenting arrangements and financial support. People must be separated for at least 12 months, showing there is no chance of reconciliation, before they can apply for a divorce. In Australia, divorce is on a no-faults basis.

JS Law has the divorce lawyers Gisborne clients can trust to help them through the process. We’re knowledgeable, calm and compassionate, providing an unbiased view on the situation. And we work hard to deliver the best possible outcome for every client.

It’s a fact of life that relationships can break down. But when you’re in the midst of that process, you can feel confused, overwhelmed and angry. Concern for children in the mix adds to the pressure. In fact, before a divorce is granted parents with children under 18 must satisfy the court that appropriate arrangements are in place for their offspring.

However, you don’t have to face the legal process of divorce alone. Let us advise you, help with your application and provide skilled representation in a divorce hearing if needed.

Using an expert divorce lawyer:

  • Gives you access to sound advice, services and representation;
  • Helps you avoid potential pitfalls;
  • Makes the process as smooth and efficient as possible;
  • And reduces your stress levels.

JS Law can also help clients in other family law areas including property or financial agreements and parenting arrangements.

If you would like to talk to one of our divorce lawyers in Gisborne, please contact us on 03 5444 1181 to book an appointment.