Find a professional solicitor in Bendigo

Find a professional solicitor in Bendigo

Experienced solicitor in Bendigo

A quality solicitor in Bendigo can make a world of difference when you’re dealing with a legal situation.

Legal matters can be both confusing and confronting, so having an experienced and highly-trained professional to help is simply good sense. Solicitors are there to provide support, advice and representation so you achieve the best possible outcome in your circumstances. After all, that’s surely what clients are after.

When it comes to actually finding a solicitor Bendigo clients can trust JS Law for expert representation.

As a boutique law firm that’s proudly based in regional Victoria, we offer a personalised service and treat every client with dignity and compassion. We give unbiased advice and expert legal support and fight hard for the people we represent.

Whether you are in the midst of a challenging separation or have been charged with a criminal matter, we can help. Our solicitors specialise in family law, criminal matters, divorce and intervention orders. The JS Law team has 50-plus years of combined experience, with our lawyers bringing a wealth of legal knowledge and skills honed in other career sectors to the table. That makes us a great asset to have as you navigate the complex legal landscape.

Wide experience

JS Law, led by principal lawyer Juliana Smith, won’t let you down. Our expertise includes:

  • Family law;
  • Criminal law;
  • Separation;
  • Divorce law;
  • And wills and estates.

From advice to mediation and representation in federal and state courts, JS Law has your back. We’re the team to trust when you are facing a family law or criminal law issue.

People can feel overwhelmed and emotional when legal issues arise. That’s not surprising. It can be extremely confronting, especially when it comes after a relationship break down and involves children. At JS Law, we welcome our clients into a supportive, calm and safe environment. We treat each client as an individual, listen to their experiences and help them chart a positive way forward.

When it comes to finding an experienced solicitor Bendigo people know where to head. And that’s to JS Law. Please contact us on 03 5444 1181 to book an appointment.