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Medical Power of Attorney Bendigo

The importance of medical power of attorney in Bendigo

A medical power of attorney is a specific legal document that nominates a particular individual to oversee your medical care,  in the case that you become unable to communicate and make decisions due to illness or medical condition. For Bendigo residents, this is an immensely important thing to have, and you must ensure that it...

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Challenging a Will Bendigo - JS Law

Challenging a Will Bendigo

When a family member or loved one passes away in Bendigo, what they own becomes an estate that is distributed through a will. Often times, these documents can be produced unfairly and leave particular people out. As a result, many circumstances call for the will to be challenged and reviewed. This is where the experienced...

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Bendigo Fountain And Tram

Children and Family Law Bendigo

As a family begins, its journey of separation and or divorce, it can be a particularly stressful and challenging time for the parents, and this stress can flow on to the children. The divorce itself does not sort out property settlement or arrangements for the children. To sort out a property settlement and arrangements for...

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The difference between divorce lawyers and family lawyers

People often confuse divorce lawyers for family lawyers, divorce law is simply the process of obtaining a “decree nisi” – ending the formal marriage. It is not to be confused with, nor is it a division of assets and liabilities of the parties and ending their financial connection – that is a separate process known...

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