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What you need to know about spousal support & finding a family lawyer in Kyneton to represent you in court

Under the Family Law Act, spousal maintenance provides a potential entitlement for married and de facto couples separating after 1 March 2009. No set formula exists for deciding how much support will be paid. If the two parties cannot reach an agreement on their own, then the partner with the possible entitlement can make an...

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How to find the best criminal lawyers & why you should work with a defence lawyer in Bendigo

If you’ve been charged with a summary or traffic offence or even a more serious crime such as sexual assault or drug possession or supply, you may be thinking about whether you need a criminal lawyer in Bendigo and how to choose the best one for your case. There are several things to consider when...

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How property settlement works & finding divorce lawyers in Maryborough

Because of the potential long-term financial impact of divorce, property settlement is an issue many couples are anxious about when they separate. It’s essential for property to be divided equitably, but that doesn’t necessarily mean 50/50. The process for deciding who receives what in a separation involves four basic steps: The couple’s financial resources and...

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Thinking about separation? Find a divorce lawyer in Castlemaine

Relationships are complicated and not all of them are meant to last forever. If you and your spouse are considering separation, you will need to devise a comprehensive separation agreement. Castlemaine is home to many couples who decide to part ways, but not all of them seek out the proper help for doing so beforehand....

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Three things to look for in a family lawyer or law firm in Maryborough

There are many reasons why one might wish to see a family lawyer in the Maryborough area. You might be approaching the end of a relationship, or in need of advice following a separation. You might require legal assistance with matters pertaining to child support, or support for a spouse. A family law firm in...

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How family law solicitors can help? A guide to choosing lawyers in Ballarat

Life often presents us with unforeseen challenges and difficulties, even in areas we have been taught to regard as stable and predictable. Relationships provide a perfect example of just how unpredictable the future is—people often grow in ways they never expected, and these changes can alter the dynamics of a family in profound ways. If...

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How to find solicitors in Gisborne?

Are you in need of solicitors but uncertain of how to find them in your area? If so, don’t panic. Many people in Gisborne and the surrounding regions find themselves in need of legal help when they least expect it, and most of them have dealt with the same anxiety. Fortunately, it can be easy...

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Big city firm or boutique family law solicitors? Choosing a divorce lawyer in Gisborne

Choosing the appropriate legal help for your needs is one of the most critical measures you can take if you want to achieve a successful outcome for your case. In matters of significant personal importance such as family law, it is especially necessary to choose your law firm carefully, since the result of their work...

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